Tiffany Hoffman LM

TIFFANI HOFFMAN, Licensed Midwife

My addiction to birth led me to become a midwife! I had eight babies myself, literally in every way possible. I've had vaginal births in the hospital, a premature birth with a baby who needed the NICU, a home birth in the water, breech babies, and c-sections. I physically didn't want to have any more babies. So, I decided I could help other people have babies instead.

*Tiff has limited availability for births. She has regular clinic hours but her real focus is on home visits and postpartum care, tongue tie assessments and referrals, and breastfeeding support.

What keeps you coming back to midwifery?

I really love to support and guide new parents in the days and weeks after the baby comes. Postpartum care and breastfeeding support is so under-appreciated in our society. We can really build community when we come together to support families with newborns. Everyone, especially when you're pregnant is super focused on the day of the birth, which is really just the very first day! Midwifery care extends past the birth and into some of the toughest weeks of a new parent's life. This is where I feel like I can help people the most.

I also have a goal to create a more sustainable midwifery model of care. We can only be midwives long term when we can create a practice where midwifery is safe for midwives too. We have to practice what we preach and take care of our own health and families, just like we tell clients to take care of themselves every day.

Midwifery training & certifications

  • Licensed Midwife, 2017-present
  • Certified Professional Midwife, 2016
  • Associates of Science in Midwifery, Midwives College of Utah 2016
  • Neonatal Resuscitation Program, Advanced Provider (2014-present)
  • Healthcare Provider CPR and First Aid (2014-present)
  • DONA Certified Doula 2010-2017
  • ICEA Childbirth Educator 2010-2017
  • Certified Carseat Technician 2010-2018
Midwife Tiffany Hoffman at a Home Birth with parents, grandparent and newborn
midwife Tiffany Hoffman at a home Water Birth
Midwife Tiffany Hoffman checks vitals on laboring woman in home birth

A Little more about Tiff...

I live in Puyallup with my husband, our eight children and their significant others. In my ‘free time’, I love to enjoy the beautiful outdoors especially in my 4Runner and over-landing trailer while camping with my family. I love to knit, mostly while waiting for babies to be born. And when I am off call, I enjoy sleeping and watching K Dramas.

In another life, I'm pretty sure... I was a mermaid

What's the most inspiring part of your job? Seeing people turn into parents.

If I were a superhero, my superpower would be… The ability to be in two places at once

Who is your hero? My grandmothers. One taught me you are never too old to learn. Noni supported me and believed in me no matter what.

If you weren’t a midwife, what would you be? A healthy yarn spinning grandma.

If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be? Tom Kha Gai soup.

What three items would you take with you on a deserted island? My husband, snorkel set and chocolate.