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Midwifery Care

Imagine a pregnancy and birth experience where:

….you can relax in a waiting room where you and your family feel at home.

…you have monthly visits with the actual midwives that will attend your birth, with plenty of time to answer all of your questions and address your concerns.

…you can rest assured knowing you have a reliable, experienced care team that is focused on preparing you and your family for a safe, empowered birth experience.

Giving birth at home or the birth center


Brianna brown

"You truly cannot ask for a better midwifery team. I felt so safe, heard, and supported! They are the perfect balance of holistic/hands-off and knowing when to utilize interventions/modern medicine. It is SO crucial that you choose a great care provider to be there for you during your journey of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum..."

Leah Coakley

"I was drawn to her professionalism and commitment to social justice. I was also glad to find a midwife who had a master’s degree in midwifery and who has taught on the history of the field. After our first meeting, I actually asked her if I could give her a hug. I was so overwhelmed by excitement to have found such a wonderful care provider."

Leah Coakley

"Neva’s practice is woman-centered, trusting, supportive, and culturally informed; for me this was all a huge difference from the medically-centered OB model. Throughout our appointments, she was patient, prepared, and engaged. I never left with unanswered questions or a sense of doubt. She was very accessible by multiple methods of communication and responsive to my concerns."

Kris Humphries

"Neva was wonderfully supportive. When our baby girl had to make an unexpected trip to the NICU hours after birth Neva never stopped checking in and supporting us. If you are looking for affirming, supportive, compassionate care you have found your midwife!"

new parents

"Truly one of a kind. They care deeply about what they do and the families they serve! If you are wanting a pregnancy and childbirth that you feel completely loved, supported and cared for, without a doubt hire Laoch Midwifery because they are an absolute blessing to your life and pregnancy journey!"


"I am the kind of person with a lot of questions. Appointments with them never felt rushed. It felt good to be educated at each appointment and beyond, with their teaching skills and resources they offered me."

Adriana Brandy

"I found Laoch Midwifery after an out-of-state move at 29 weeks. We did an almost 45-minute video consult to answer of our questions. My feeling from over video was already one of definite trust in Neva's capability, experience, and character. For me, those three were a priority when searching for a midwife, when there seemed to be so many choices."

Carrie Van Aken

"I recently had my third baby and was so pleased with the care I received from Laoch. I always felt I was in kind, educated and responsive hands. With easy communication, clean beautiful office space, and an unmatched level of personal, individualized care, this team is truly amazing!"

Home BIRth

"Neva is a very kind and genuine person. She puts her whole heart into her work. After having the natural birth I envisioned at home thanks to their team, I remember saying “you guys do God’s work”, which is truly how I feel. I would recommend Laoch Midwifery in the highest regard for anyone searching for the best midwife team in the area!"


"Care during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum was unparalleled. They were all so knowledgeable, personable, and helpful for decision-making. Even though I had a bleeding issue after birth, I was in good hands and they knew exactly how to handle the situation. I was able to birth safely and comfortably at the Birthing Inn and go home that same evening!"


"My labor planning was a collaborative task and Neva was very respectful of my wishes and experience as she shared her knowledge and experience and information on the current research. During my labor, which was precipitous, she trusted me and her own intuition and experience and allowed me to check in at a point where many other providers would have sent me home. Thanks to her good judgment, I had my baby quite soon at The Birthing Inn instead of at home or in a car."

happy parents

"Tiffani & Neva are absolutely meant to support birthing people & bring babies earth-side! I would choose them to care for my baby & I again without a doubt."


"I am an acute care RN so I really appreciate an excellent bedside manner and the skill of tactful communication and education. I had some bleeding postpartum which was scary, but I never once felt unsafe. I was completely stabilized and educated me on each clinical choice I could make, including receiving medications for my bleeding."


"From the start of my pregnancy to the finish (and now postpartum) they have been so loving, supportive, caring, and knowledgeable! I always felt safe and taken care of at all times, and I felt that I could reach out to them for anything I needed. I looked forward to every appointment with them and knew I was in such great care."

First-Time Mom

"Laoch supported all my birthing goals as a first time mom. They were always very easy to communicate with and helped me feel reassured when anything came up. They always helped to educate me and fit me in to be seen whenever it was needed."