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Birthing like our ancestors. Giving birth has always been a rite of passage. Our ancestors were surrounded by family and birth workers who supported and guided them through the labor and birth process. Birth attendants were often experienced family members or healers trained in herbal and spiritual remedies.

Our team at Laoch Midwifery surrounds you with love and support similar to how many of our ancestors birthed. We use our many years of combined experience to guide you while also offering evidence-based recommendations. We stand by your side as you and your family work through the emotional and physical aspects of transitioning into parenthood and caring for a newborn.

It’s all about teamwork. Midwifery care is personal and doesn’t follow any set timeline. For sustainability and long-term success, we work as a team. Throughout your time in care with Laoch Midwifery, you will be attended to by one of two midwives. Either Neva or Tiffani will be in your prenatal visits, your birth, and your postpartum and newborn visits. It works out that most births are attended by Neva and most postpartum care and home care is provided by Tiff.

Laoch Midwives


We met as student midwives and “grew up together” in the birth community. During this time, we were able to learn from many different midwives, taking the best aspects of each style of practice and combining it with our own values to create the best care we can give.  We each built practices of our own but soon realized that being sustainable for the long term is nearly impossible as a solo midwife.

Since 2018, we’ve worked side by side at Laoch. This allows us the flexibility to occasionally take time off while continuing to offer great care to all Laoch Families.

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laoch midwives
puyallup midwives

Student midwives are an integral part of the birth team.

Midwifery is learned and passed down through the generations by apprenticeship. We need more midwives! Therefore, your Laoch Team also includes amazing student midwives. They study and learn midwifery care hands-on by working right alongside us. Meet our current student Midwives, Rennetta and Jadrienne, and learn more about how we work together here.

RENNETTA MULKEY, Student Midwife


Brittan Rossich Office Manager Laoch Midwifery