Midwifery Care is a relationship.

The beauty of our work as midwives is the community that is created as we walk alongside you and your family as you welcome a new person into your lives. We are experts in holistic, low-risk maternity care. Our midwifery care is rooted in keeping you low-risk throughout the pregnancy so that you have every chance to get the birth you dream of.

What does it really look like to be a client with Laoch Midwifery? How does it work?


One of the best parts of being a client with Laoch midwifery is how much time we spend focused on you. Our visits are scheduled to last up to 45 minutes. We start each visit discussing your questions or concerns. We want to learn more about you and your overall wellness. We also have a "belly check" each time. This is where we take your vitals signs, listen to the baby's heart beat and measure your belly.

prenatal testing

We offer all the standard testing for modern maternity care. This includes routine lab work as well as genetic screening if you choose it. When it's time for your diagnostic ultrasounds, we work with outside providers to get you the best care possible.

Your lab results and the notes from each visit are available to you around the clock via your online medical record, Maternity Neighborhood.

discomforts of pregnancy

When discomforts come up, we offer natural remedies first. We offer both supplement and herbal options and can also recommend over-the-counter and prescription options as needed. We aim to offer a broad range of remedies so that you can find what works best for you.

When needed, we provide referrals for consults and co-managed care. Our strong relationships with area providers mean you can receive care from a doctor that supports midwifery care and your choices.

creating your birth plan

We routinely provide delayed cord clamping, skin-to-skin contact, and we don't separate parents from babies.

You want to eat and drink in labor? Yes please!

You want to keep your placenta and make capsules?... You got it.

You want a birth photographer, a doula, and all of your aunties? Absolutely.

Do you want to include your older children in prenatal visits or birth? How can we help?


Deciding where you give birth is just as important as choosing which provider you will work with. Each family has different needs and desires so we offer both home and freestanding birth center options. There are many things to consider so we walk you through this decision and all of its variations so that you can plan the personalized experience that is best for you.

The best part is, you can’t go wrong! No matter where you choose to birth, at least one midwife will attend along with at least one other person to assist. Usually, this extra person is one or both of our amazing midwifery students, but it can also be a trained birth assistant.


Our steadfast, empowering midwifery care continues even after your baby is born. We use the following visit schedule as a starting point. Sometimes families and babies need some extra time and attention so we can add visits as needed.

24-48 Hour Home Visit

After your birth, we make a plan to come see you at home the next day. We check in to make sure that breastfeeding is going well and your healing is on track. We also conduct another newborn exam and offer all available routine newborn testing options.

7-14 day visit

The following week you and baby come into our office for another follow-up visit. We check to see how you are doing with the joys and challenges of early parenthood and healing and also check on the baby's weight and offer more routine newborn testing.

6-8 week final visit

We will want to check to make sure you are healed from birth and discuss any lingering concerns. This is a great chance for us to see how you and baby are doing after things have settled a bit. It's also a great opportunity for you to receive any gynecological screening you may be due for as well as talk over family planning options.

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"You truly cannot ask for a better midwifery team. I felt so safe, heard, and supported! They are the perfect balance of holistic/hands-off and knowing when to utilize interventions/modern medicine. It is SO crucial that you choose a great care provider to be there for you during your journey of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum..."

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"Neva’s practice is woman-centered, trusting, supportive, and culturally informed; for me this was all a huge difference from the medically-centered OB model. Throughout our appointments, she was patient, prepared, and engaged. I never left with unanswered questions or a sense of doubt. She was very accessible by multiple methods of communication and responsive to my concerns."

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"Truly one of a kind. They care deeply about what they do and the families they serve! If you are wanting a pregnancy and childbirth that you feel completely loved, supported and cared for, without a doubt hire Laoch Midwifery because they are an absolute blessing to your life and pregnancy journey!"